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Public transport

#1 Public transport
15/11/2012 12:20

Bushy Eyebrow Partner

Anyone got any good tips for getting around London? Public transport is doing my head in. Even taxis crawl along these days. Cars not an option because there's nowhere to park and it's slow anyway. And Boris bikes are OK only if you're not fat and don't mind getting frozen.

So, all you nimble little iPod lovers with your little beanie hats and Craig David style designer goatee beards, what's the best way to get around London?

Share your tips and advice. Be very, very detailed.

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#2 RE: Public transport
15/11/2012 12:47

marsday to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#1)


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#3 RE: Public transport
15/11/2012 13:08

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#2)

cool i like that idea

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#4 RE: Public transport
19/11/2012 08:25

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to deleted (#0)

What will it be better than?

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#5 RE: Public transport
19/11/2012 11:53

Rollercoaster to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#1)

Walk, as a partner you can afford a nice penthouse in Zone 1, right? Get a junior to carry your bag and take notes of the brilliance that emanates from you first thing in the morning!

Actually I was impressed that the COO at PA ran in to work quite often.

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#6 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 15:54

marsday to Rollercoaster (#5)

yeah but get a scoot, probably a Vespa, and you will look more n tune with da kidz.

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#7 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 16:17

skeebo to Rollercoaster (#5)

Dont get a junior to carry your bag - that's not the right thing to do.

You should carry your bag; and get a junior (or 2 depending upon girth) to carry you.

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#8 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 16:48

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#6)

Hehe well interestingly I did recently do some motorbike lessons but failed my Mod 2 exam. The examiner thought I pulled out in front of a car at the roundabout and caused it to brake. Actually, as an experienced driver, I *know* that here was plenty of room and there is *no way* that car braked as a result of me because it wasn't even tangentially approaching me at the time. But who am I to question an experienced DAS instructor's judgement (even though he was about 3 cars behind me at the time and probably couldn't see anyway)? I do however think he just didn't like me and wanted an excuse to fail me, especially as once I exited the roundabout he was sat there waiting for traffic to pass and because it went on to a 60mph road I was at one point literally about 3/4 of a mile ahead of him, which probably cheesed him off a lot. I know a test is definitely not a race (!) but I think my progress probably tipped the balance and cheesed him off so much he decided to fail me even though actually my riding was just fine. I knew he didn't like me from the moment we met; didn't even smile or shake hands. Anyway, that's probably just sour grapes on my part. I think I'll re-do the exam in the spring at a different test centre, far away from that jobsworth. I'd like to get a big motorbike... something with good acceleration so I don't have to hang around in traffic jams or use public transport. These days, I don't give a hoot about my "image" and I'd be quite happy to turn up at work looking like a courier if it means I get home sooner in the evenings.

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#9 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 16:59

marsday to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#8)

I've been riding for years, and much as I rock the courier look I resent the amount to time it takes to dress up like Darth Vader before leaving for the office or home, telling ignorant tins to 'force off' on the way.

I'm actually considering the merits of a scoot. Never thought I would come out of the closet about it but there it is.

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#10 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 17:20

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#9)

The problem with a scooter is that you're even less safe, surely?

I wouldn't want to be riding around the hammersmith flyover on a 50cc bike, that's for sure... and if I did, I'd still want to be dressed up like darth vadar. At least on a 600cc or something you stand a chance of getting out of the way of various plonkers in tin cans.

mars, can you share any tips about riding/commuting into london on a motorbike? would love to hear more about its viability, especially with regard to wearing suits under the protective gear if possible.

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#11 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 17:34

marsday to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#10)

The truth is all the protective Darth Vader gear in the world won't save you in a collision - it's all intended to protect you in a high speed spill. And all that black stuff? Guess what happens while you are on black tarmac trying to get your bearings after failing to spot that diesel patch? That's right... you are invisible to the cars coming at you.

The acceleration on a bike (or scooter I mean 125cc or above) is far far greater than any car. My 650 will go from zero to prison in about 6 seconds. Getting out of the way of the plonkers in tin cans is more about road positioning and good observation - dominate the lane, get a sixth sense about what that van driver will do, learn which makes of car tend to have drivers which show no respect to the lives of motorcyclists (Audi by the way).

But by and large most people these days are very bike aware, and filtering through heavy traffic you willl find more car drivers very courteously moving aside to give you more room.

Dont do it with a shiny new bike - it will get dented and scrathed up in no time at all. Wear a white helmet - best visbility gear you can buy without question.

You can wear suits under bike gear - I do and it works well. Like all clothing you need to try various brands on for fit, and really you'll want either an all in one or trousers/jacket which zip together. Waterproof ideally or get a cajoule to go over the top. A top box is essential for carrying stuff and can usually take quite a bit of bike gear stowed away when off the bike. Biggest enemy is always cold - it really starts to wear you down quickly on a bike, and I have ridden sometimes and reached near hypothermia states (on overlanding riding) - gloves are obviously crucial but get some ski gloves in winter sod the protection. In summer - which conveniently is when tin drivers lose their manners because tempers flare in traffic and they start to get silly with it - wear the armoured gloves, handy for taking off the odd mirror when judiciously needed.

If you want a 600+ bike I strongly recommend the parallel twins from Kawasaki - good power dellivery which is quite flat so great for town riding, take luggage, and narrow - great for filtering past or through traffic. And on the open road a well ridden one will suprise the sportsbikes...;)

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#12 RE: Public transport
20/11/2012 17:40

marsday to marsday (#11)

Oh one other thing Bushy - unlike in a car there are no distractions at all on a bike - you really do focus entirely on riding. It's fantastic for clearing your head after a hectic day - you get home thinking about the ride not about the office :)

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