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Associate Manager in Accenture

#1 Associate Manager in Accenture
24/10/2012 03:46


Hi All,

I am about to get an offer from Accenture for the Associate Manager Level in SI Consulting.

Please let me know if possible

1) How many levels of Associate Manager in Accenture,in how much time I can move to Senior Manager( I already have 4-5 years of Project Management experience)

2) How much salary I can expect,am already on 75 K .

Your replies will help me get a good deal as I have to think of many things before accepting the offer.

Appreciate any replies !



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#2 RE: Associate Manager in Accenture
24/10/2012 09:22

$0.02 to arrit_21 (#1)

Let me start with the caveat that I left Accenture some 4 years so there is a possibility what I write isn't 100% accurate but here it goes. But in talking to friends over the years who still work there, I am fairly happy this is true reflection.

Consulting didn't have an Associate Manager role/level, that only existed in Technology Solutions. The path to SM went from AM->M->SM with time at level about 2-3,3,3 years respectively. But each can be cut down dependent on a bit of luck and how good you are. Yes you may come back and say that it has nothing to do with luck, but frankly your first gig/role/project is pretty down to luck unless you already have someone on the inside who can help line something up for you.

I never came across anyone who had to take a pay cut, so I am sure in terms of money you should be ok for now....given that the M grade in consulting starts at about £70-£75k I would suggest that if you were brought in as an AM then you will be way over the top end of your grades pay bracket, which would imply that the next few years will be very lean for you in terms of pay packet growth.

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#3 RE: Associate Manager in Accenture
24/10/2012 09:33

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to $0.02 (#2)

Taking a pay drop would not be High Performance!

But I'm sure you will get a big pay rise. Accenture pay big moneys.

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#4 RE: Associate Manager in Accenture
25/10/2012 12:42

arrit_21 to $0.02 (#2)

Thanks mate for the information

Just a clarification,I work exactly in SAP which comes under SI consulting pretty different from typical Consulting Work.

Do you think for Technology Consulting,they have this Manager Profile on ranks ?

As far as I understand after Associate Manager there is Senior Manager only,no Manager in between. But what am not sure of is how many levels of AM are there?

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#5 RE: Associate Manager in Accenture
25/10/2012 13:13

presidentbartlet to arrit_21 (#4)

Have to admit I've never come across the AM grade - certainly doesn't appear in the consulting career model or in anyone's formal titles I've met.

Did they not give you an Mx grade you'll be going in as?

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#6 RE: Associate Manager in Accenture
25/10/2012 19:33

$0.02 to presidentbartlet (#5)

There is no Associate Manager in consulting, whether technology consulting or strategy. Accenture Technology Solutions ( sat in SI & T which in also housed technology consulting.

Both ATS and Accenture Consulting have SAP tracks, so saying you are an SAP bod doesn't narrow it down. And there is a Manager grade between AM and SM. I don't know the exact grades on the lower end of ATS but it was something along the lines of Software Engineer, to senior software engineer, to team lead to AM to M then some to SM. Consulting goes analyst, consultant, manager, senior manager, SE.

Just to be clear all this if for the UK business. If you are joining outside UK then you may as well discount all I have said.

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#7 RE: Associate Manager in Accenture
26/10/2012 09:42

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to $0.02 (#6)

Do they have a Chief Boredom Officer? Cuz this thread would be an ideal candidate for the role.

LOL sorry didn't mean it really

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