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Which Finance Career Suits Me?

#1 Which Finance Career Suits Me?
10/10/2012 10:22


I am 33, have just completed an MSc in management and finance after a degree in economics having done a few sales and administration jobs before that. I am looking at a career in finance but have no idea what to do! I know I will enjoy something I am good at and I hope that someone can tell me what jobs I might be well suited to. I've tried to put down lots of relevant things about myself:

Although I can apply maths with ease I am no good at using maths creatively and struggle with tricky mathematical concepts.

I love games and spent a lot of my life playing them, all sorts of games but the majority involve building and empire and military in the most cost effective and easy to logistically control way, always thinking ahead to what the future needs might be.

When playing complex games with friends I can see strategies, plans and methods that they miss, I often can create far more effective plans and am really good at determining what is important and what is not whereas they often get distracted by something insignificant and spending far too much time and resources on it.

I can focus and concentrate for long periods and am always the one reminding everyone whose turn it is or what is happening. I am very level-headed and think things through before acting on them, looking at all aspects carefully before making a decision. I find working with others distracting and do better to focus on the task alone.

Not so good social skills, I like to be in the background listening and generally shy away from social situations wherever possible. I can speak clearly and seem confident but sometimes have trouble expressing my ideas verbally so if it's something complicated I can do better by writing it down.

I enjoy a challenge, succeeding, completing tasks. I would prefer something with measurable results. I like knowing things other don't and being able to use knowledge and skills that I have rather than constantly having to learn new ones.

Advice greatly appreciated!

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#2 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
10/10/2012 10:39

baykus to Darquan (#1)


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#3 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
10/10/2012 12:09

Darquan to baykus (#2)

I see why you'd suggest accounting but i don't believe it ties into any of the things i am really good at, is very repetitive and totally dependent on maths skills which aren't the best.

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#4 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
10/10/2012 15:00

baykus to Darquan (#3)

You do realise this is a consulting forum, which means that the advice you'll get on financial careers may be limited?

Based on your description of yourself, I would suggest ruling out consulting - you don't like working with others and want to do something with measurable results.

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#5 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
11/10/2012 00:55

big mac to Darquan (#3)

I agree with accouting,Not having the greatest social skills rules you out of most jobs that don't involve maths...

If you think accounting is beyond your skill set than I would reccomend some sort of daily/monthly reporting role where you follow procedures documents and run macros in spreadsheets which requires minimal communication with people unless there is a problem. That or become a software developer...

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#6 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
11/10/2012 07:05

Darquan to deleted (#0)

Thanks for the advice! I see your point but may have overstated the social element which i'm not that bad at but wouldn't want a very customer facing position.

I would really like to be able to use the things I am good at and I'm not all that bad socially. The careers I am looking at are financial analysts, insurance underwriter, management analyst, asset management, investment analyst, stockbroker, mergers and acquisition and actuary. Can anyone suggest why I might be better at one of these than the rest?

I know a lot of consultants work is with interviewing people which I believe I could do but is this the majority of their work?

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#7 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
24/10/2012 11:30

marsday to Darquan (#1)

I read the original post as stating

I have no relevant commercial experience at 33 years old.

I am socially awkward and confuse telling people what to do with communication.

I prefer to escape reality by playing games and probably spend an inordinate amount of my time living in fantasy worlds while becoming more and more socially inadequate.

I have limited communication skills.

I want to do a job which involves as little as possible outside my small comfort bubble.

At 33 you have left it too late to get into Finance now. Frankly I think you need to focus on adjusting to society rather than looking for ways to continue this sort of social autism.

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#8 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
24/10/2012 11:52

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#7)

I emphasise with Darquan, but agree with Mars that really you need to ditch the World of Warcraft and get out meeting people. Perhaps join a dating webite and factor some dating into your weekend plans.

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#9 RE: Which Finance Career Suits Me?
24/10/2012 20:54

big mac to Darquan (#6)

1. I don't know about anyone else but my job does not involve "interviewing" people all day

2. If you don't want a customer facing job than I would not reccomend consulting

3. All the roles you listed require good analytical & mathematical ability and having the abilty to communicate with customers, clients and the market place

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