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Going back to America?

#1 Going back to America?
22/05/2011 05:43


ok I am seeking for some career advice. I am really confused. I have got my bachelors degree in economics in USA one year ago and now that I am back in Afghanistan (Kabul), I don't see the same motivation I had before going to US. I am looking forward to do a graduate degree in Business either in USA or the UK but I prefer to do it in USA because I have had some experience there and know the environment.

I feel that in my country people do not respect me as a woman at work and they have different values than which I hold. It is becoming very hard for me to work here and when I did my MBA I would like to work in the west. I was not born in Afghanistan and I only have lived in Afghanistan 3 years before I go to US and Now another one year. I have been in UAE and Iran before my family decided to return to Afghanistan in 2004.

My career is very important in my life and I really want to progress in the business field. since most people in this forum are experts and more experienced than mine I would appreciate any advice given.

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#2 RE: Going back to America?
22/05/2011 16:59

Anon to Franchi (#1)

I think it's beyond question that you should continue with your plan to do the graduate degree. There isn't an inherent advantage to studying in the US or the UK, but in your situation I think the US makes sense. As you describe, you are more familiar/comfortable with the country.

If you end up returning to Afghanistan after your studies then the US network may be helpful (from a business perspective Afghanistan could have a lot of future potential, and I imagine that US companies are likely to get the development/reconstruction contracts).

The advantage of studying in the UK is that it will add to your international and academic experience, so that you have an additional option for working in the West. Given that you have already spent 4 years in the US, the UK may add more at the margin to your experience.

Beyond that, your preferred career/industry within the "business field" will determine the most appropriate schools to consider.

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#3 RE: Going back to America?
23/05/2011 04:59

Franchi to Anon (#2)

Doing the MBA is costly both in terms of time and money. DO you think if I try enough I can find a good work opportunity with US firms considering that I do not have the US citizenship?

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#4 RE: Going back to America?
23/05/2011 11:12

Mr Cool to Franchi (#3)

Have you done any actual work? You don't mention it in your posts and yet it is very important to:

the respect that you will earn

the value of doing an MBA

the chances of getting a job

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