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it's oh so quiet

#1 it's oh so quiet
20/05/2011 11:38


seems rather tumbleweedy on here since the new forum; what's up?

seems to require features that my client's antiquated browser doesn't support,

e.g. this text box is not bounded on the right so I keep having to hit


but otherwise it looks OK.

would have been good to have taken the opportunity to introduce

sub-forums (thems, stickies etc)

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#2 RE: it's oh so quiet
23/05/2011 13:06

Mr Cool to rc (#1)

Is it because of the decision to require registration? How many have made the leap? I suspect there are those that might have concerns over true anonymity. I had to set up a temp e-mail on a free ISP just to register/validate as I would not wish to use my regular e-mail (which has my name incorporated into it).

Can we do a simple “number off” to see how many have registered so far?

rc is obviously 1, I’m 2....anyone 3, 4, 5?

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#3 RE: it's oh so quiet
23/05/2011 13:31

Matija K. ( to Mr Cool (#2)

Hi Mr Cool,

Using temp emails is perfectly fine with us; we value your anonymity as much as you value yours.

The registration process was done to prevent false impersonation of users, as well as provide extra perks - for example, we might implement things such as user reputation, posting history, "my threads", further customization options (like signatures), etc.

Also, there is a huge benefit for registering, in the form of being able to be remembered on a certain computer, as well as not being required to type your name or decipher a CAPTCHA every time you want to post something, which I'm sure you'll agree was often a nuisance.



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#4 RE: it's oh so quiet
23/05/2011 14:19

Mr Cool to Matija K. ( (#3)

Hmmm. I wasn’t really planning to go down this road, but as you’ve opened up the discussion...

Personally I’m not actually convinced by the need (or even benefit) of registration. It was frankly 50/50 that I could be bothered setting up a thruway e-mail just to validate my registration.

On most occasions where posters impersonated each other were humorous not vindictive. Frankly I think it’s a shame that we won’t be able to do it anymore. Some of the funniest threads were clearly created by just two or three people playing off against each other at the expense of a clearly deserving OP. The “side jokes” of the names themselves were often the funniest parts.

The other functions seem somewhat over the top – the forum only gets 4-5 threads per day. Have people really been clamouring to organise them in some tagged order?

As for the “advantage” of a having a cookie on a work PC that now directly links the poster to a previously completely anonymous post. Hmmm? Run the benefit of that by me again?

On a site where the anonymity of the post is paramount to the candour of the discussion, I think you’re at a delicate point.

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#5 RE: it's oh so quiet
23/05/2011 19:23

Chipzilla to Mr Cool (#4)

Another long-time lurker / sometimes poster here (Fury). Not sure about how much info I'm willing to share with the new registration obligation but I did it anyway.

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#6 RE: it's oh so quiet
23/05/2011 20:07

someguy to Chipzilla (#5)

although I also enjoyed the anonymity, I think registration will be a positive thing in the long run. The only additional feature i would look forward to is the ability to PM.

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