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Javelin Group

#1 Javelin Group
25/11/2010 15:54


Hi there,

could anyone share insights on Javelin Group. There are some posts on it on this forum but they tend to be rather old.

I am particularly interested in:

1) Working culture and what people there are like

2) Amount of qualitative vs. quantitative work

3) Salaries

4) On their website some employees claim that they differentiate themselves by truely having a better work life balance than other consultancies. Is this true or just another marketing claim?

5) How is the company perceived in a) the consulting industry and b) within the retail sector itslef?

Thank you for comments.

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#2 RE: Javelin Group
25/11/2010 17:10

RCons to anon (#1)

I can only comment on question 5: they are a respected retail specialist. Not going to break any records for innovation or dynamism, and not commanding high fees, but know the industry well. A go-to name for "down to earth" retailers who don't fully trust the Big4 generalists (who try to make cross-industry generalisations) or the fancypants firms (whose recommendations have no connection to the real world).

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#3 RE: Javelin Group
29/11/2010 16:06

anon to RCons (#2)


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#4 RE: Javelin Group
29/11/2010 23:26

anotheranon to anon (#3)

I work for a retailer who uses Javelin. We use them on a fairly niche basis: they certainly aren't riddled throughout the business, and we've just brought in another much larger generalist firm to do some major review work (may have been out of Javelin's size). However, the overall opinion on the Javelin work is positive and we continue to use them on a rolling basis. They are the only consultancy which has a solid 'in' with us apart from the more recent larger interloper, which says something.

Interestingly we have also had a few of our younger guys leave to end up there.

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#5 RE: Javelin Group
30/11/2010 16:52

HT to anon (#1)

Their fees are very affordable even for smaller retailers - which is saying something given the thin margins to start with in the retail business. It would be fair to say that consultants' compensation reflects this.

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#6 RE: Javelin Group
02/12/2011 17:50

tonystockil to anon (#1)


I should first declare that I am Javelin Group's CEO and so I probably have a particular point of view! But, bearing that in mind, I will relay something from our annual survey which solicits frank colleague feedback. Two strong "likes" stand out consistently above all others with very high scores. First, our people like that we get on really well with each other and that the culture is so collaborative and friendly. And second, they/we really enjoy working on such interesting and innovative projects with our clients. There is a short video (on our Careers page) which I think gives a pretty fair impression of our culture.

In terms of "qual. vs. quant", I'd say we're balanced. We like our strategies and plans to be backed up by (rather than dictated by) sound market and financial analysis.

For "work-life balance": it depends what you're used to. Our team certainly work hard, as do most consultants. But they enjoy the work, which helps a lot.

Finally, as for our reputation in the market, the fact that most of our clients have worked with us for many years is, I believe, a very positive indicator, as is our 35% revenue growth in each of the past two years.

I'm obviously not the most impartial person to ask, but I hope this helps.



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