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Job Market during Dec

#1 Job Market during Dec
21/11/2010 22:27

job hunter

Hi All,

I have recently finished my contract in project and programme management and now looking for a new job (Permanent/ Contract).

I need your advice to help me on following:

I am visiting abroad from 6th Dec to 10th Dec due to family commitment and will be back in UK on 12th Dec.

What I am interested to know is how the job market normally is during 13th Dec to 24th DEC? Do Employers/Recruiters recruit/ interviews candidates after 12th Dec?

I am thinking to extend my abroad visit until 17th DEC on the basis of assumption that job market will be dead during 13th Dec to 10th Jan. Am I right in my assumption? Are there any movements in contract/ permanent job market for project/programme managers during second half of Dec?

When the market will be back to the same pace as it is at the moment? Would it be Mid JAN/End Jan or Mid Feb?

Any genuine suggestions will be much appreciated as this will help me re-planning my vacation?


Job Hunter

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#2 RE: Job Market during Dec
22/11/2010 06:04

u235 to job hunter (#1)

Hiring managers may still interview- i had an interview once on the 30th Dec. However, this is by far the exception; most will not do much in the xmas/new year period. They may conduct a few interviews here and there...but certainly dont expect a decision from that till next yr.

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#3 RE: Job Market during Dec
22/11/2010 11:30

Mr Cool to u235 (#2)

Contract market is usually dead. Financial year starts on Jan 1st for most budgets and you could hope that forward looking clients would interview in dec so they have someone starting on Jan 4th, but this is extremely rare.

More likely the clients all come back on Jan 4th and scream at their agencies to get people in on 24 hours notice. Then the agencies scream at the candidates to start yesterday. (then they take a month to sort out the paperwork)

Much as I love my clients, they tend to prefer screaming at agencies than thinking ahead.

Enjoy a long break at Christmas - see your family get drunk with friends.

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#4 RE: Job Market during Dec
22/11/2010 13:45

OP to Mr Cool (#3)

Mr Cool,

thanks, is it okay to have few months gaps on CV every year in order to find a new contract? Sorry for asking this question as I am new to contracting and my previous contract also the first one lasted for 1.5 year however, it is taking bit time to secure new contract?

How would permanent employer perceive this GAP should I want to consider permanent opportunities either now or in near future?

many thanks in advance.


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#5 RE: Job Market during Dec
22/11/2010 14:41

Mr Cool to OP (#4)

If you continue in contracting, it is entirely normal to have breaks between projects and good advice is to budget for them accordingly. The length of the break depends on your skills and area of expertise, but a few months is not unusual and even six is not big problem in CV terms. If the break gets longer than you feel comfortable with, it is quite a good idea to explain it in interviews by saying, “I had worked on a very intense project for a year and a half and so deliberately took a few months off, so I’ve only been seriously looking for the last 6-8 weeks.” Or the other old chestnut is to claim you’ve been travelling. In essence just don’t make it sound like you’ve been hanging by the phone for half the year.

One of the problems with contracting is that candidates are usually needed almost immediately and agencies will therefore not accept you for interviews until you’re no more than two weeks away from end your contract. Avoiding breaks usually means being very lucky with timings, or transferring to a new project with the same client.

The more difficult question is the issue of searching out permanent employment. Most perm agencies and recruiters will be very suspicious of contractors who apply for perm jobs while not in a contract. The fear is that it is a sign of desperation rather than preference. If you truly are just filling in time contracting and would prefer to return to perm, by all means keep applying, but be aware that the best chance of a perm job may come from a) taking a contract and then turning perm with the client, or b) taking a contract and then continuing to interview for perm – that way you can show commitment to giving up the contract.

Enjoy the break at christmas - keep checking the job sites and submitting CV's and that way you may have an interview to come back to.

Good luck.

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#6 RE: Job Market during Dec
22/11/2010 15:24

OP to Mr Cool (#5)

Mr. Cool,

You are a star!! thanks very much for your time.


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