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job market/ unemployment

#1 job market/ unemployment
20/05/2010 13:30


in job market from last 2 months, no success, only a couple of interviews took place. What's going on in the market? I have 3 years BIG4 with overall 10 years exp in delivery.

Do we have many unemployed people in the market or on this forum? what is the average unemployment time in current timescale.



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#2 RE: job market/ unemployment
20/05/2010 14:06

recruiter too to ANON (#1)

Too big a question and too little information to comment.

The market is better than last year but not back to boom times. 2 months might feel like a lifetime but many people registering with us have been out of work since last year (aka taking career breaks). By definition many people out of work have skills that are not the bankers for their employers (ie in terms of utilisation) they once were and the jobs that need to be filled are all looking for the same skill sets from candidates who are probably in short supply.

Appreciate that doesn’t help you much. If you haven’t already I’d suggest picking a few recruiters from the Top Consultant survey and send your CV. You might get Dear John letters but with a bit of luck might get to speak to someone who will give you an honest view of your CV. Be aware 1) you might not like honesty so don’t take it out on the recruiter if you don’t like what they say 2) don’t be a stalker. If the recruiter can find you a job he/she will. Spending lots of time as an agony aunt/font of free advice on the market isn’t in their job spec

Good luck!

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#3 RE: job market/ unemployment
20/05/2010 14:58

looser too to recruiter too (#2)

I've been on the job market since autumn last year. Had 4 or 5 interviews - all in good firms - but nothing so far. At least I am getting some interview practice

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#4 RE: job market/ unemployment
20/05/2010 15:02

Friend to looser too (#3)

Jason, is it you asking for pity again? Better do something productive

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#5 RE: job market/ unemployment
20/05/2010 21:21

JJ to ANON (#1)


Sorry to hear about the tough time you're currently having with the job hunt.

I was in the same boat last year, just keep on going, try and look for some contract work to keep yourself busy while you wait for the right permanent role for you


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#6 RE: job market/ unemployment
21/05/2010 08:13

QQ to JJ (#5)

I was in same position last year; went months without a single interview. Eventually I took some interim work for a year and recently came back on the job market. Yet again I have had zero interviews despite applying for roles for which I would have thought I was ideal.

So your experience of the job market is not unique. There are many good people out there. It very much depends on your skills - not how great you are; but whether they are the skills that people want.

You can ask recruiters about your CV but not sure you will get any meaningful feedback. My experience of asking recruiters is that they think my CV is great; well written; good mix of experience; highlights my achievements.....Yet none of them have actually managed to get me an interview.

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#7 RE: job market/ unemployment
21/05/2010 17:08

thyt to QQ (#6)

And they won't be able to if you're not suitable for the job

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#8 RE: job market/ unemployment
21/05/2010 17:42

QQ to thyt (#7)

Exactly my point. 2 years ago was "suitable" for many jobs; today none; nothing wrong with CV. Conclusion - job market has changed. There are many more people with similar skills or less people looking for them. Not really a problem. Just a fact.

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#9 RE: job market/ unemployment
21/05/2010 19:06

OP to QQ (#8)

if job market is that bad what to do then? how to earn monthly exp. of £3000 rather than living on savings which will last no more than a year? how to best utilise this time which will not look bad on CV? some voluntary work? Body building?

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#10 RE: job market/ unemployment
21/05/2010 19:29

QQ to OP (#9)

Well in my case I have more savings and other income. However money aside, I still feel more than a little uncomfortable as a workaholic not having any work.

There are several options. Continue looking for same type of job (you may get lucky). Look for interim work as well. Network extensively. Go to free conferences and workshops. Look at alternative career paths (even if they might pay less). Write a business plan for a startup. Learn something new.....

Important thing is to keep busy, exercise, fight for what you want but relax about what you cannot change.

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