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Consultancy locations???

#1 Consultancy locations???
12/08/2004 16:08

Stu Brown

Hi All

Just couple of basic questions really; I have just started looking into applying to the usual consultancy firms as I am just about to start my final year at Loughborough Uni, studying a Masters of Systems Engineering. (5yrs)

I am currently sponsored at uni (and have a job upon graduation) with BAE Systems (defence) but really fancy the lifestyle, opportunities and challenges that consultancy has to offer. But I have 2 major questions/doubts.

1. Are all consultancy jobs (graduate ones) located in London? because as a 1st preference I dont really want to work in London! (unless a fantastic opportunity arose) I would prefer to work in 1.Leeds 2.Manchester 3.Newcastle 4.Nottingham

2. I am worried about the academic requirements asked by all consultancy firms, because I cannot meet the reqt of having 24-26 points at A-level. There may be extenuating circumstances for this but I fear these will not get looked at or will count for anything.

Any help would be great - Thanks in advance...

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#2 Re: Consultancy locations???
12/08/2004 17:14


Can't speak for other consultancies, but at least Accenture has offices both in Newcastle and Manchester. It used to be the case that many people from these offices just commuted to projects in London for the week; however, with the increased amount of government work that is not the case anymore. Loads of people in Government OG are now working in Leeds and Newcastle... Of course, as a consultant you can seldom be 100% where you will be next week, let alone next year - that's major part of the lifestyle you say you fancy.

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#3 Re: Consultancy locations???
19/08/2004 01:50

David Ferguson

Hi Stu! Understandable you have concerns - I was in *exactly* the same place as you a year ago. I too was BAES-sponsored at Lufbra. Your name sounds familiar, but I can't put a face to it. Knew I didn't want to go back to BAES so looked at everything. I went for Accenture in the end and after two round was in! My A-level points weren't strictly good enough but I did have BCCC in Computing, Maths, Physics & Chemistry and they definately are flexible. I start Jan 2005. There are 4 of us from my Systems cohort going to ACN (Accenture) and our course has a particularly high appeal for them, so you should be in with a chance.

Anyways, if you have any further questions, drop me a line to fergie [AT] mail [DOT] com.

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#4 Re: Consultancy locations???
01/09/2004 13:39

Stu Brown

I do like the idea of lots of travel, but I would like to know where my permanent base would be, so that I can start looking into getting property etc...

I dont really want to be based in London, as this will rule out buying property, compared with living in either manchester / newcastle etc...

But, at the moment just dont know how much scope there iss fo this....

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#5 Re: Consultancy locations???
11/08/2006 10:21

Peter Sutcliffe

Hi Stu,

Do you remember me from your year out? Anyway...

If you're looking for a job, please get in contact (



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#6 RE: Consultancy locations???
11/08/2006 13:29

Village Idiot to Stu Brown (#4)

Most consultancies are fairly flexible about where you live these days. Since you're likely to spend most of your time working at your clients' sites, the most important considerations are proximity to an airport and a train station.

Your A-levels shouldn't provide a major stumbling block if you have strong results at university -- but your degree needs to be at least a 2.1 if you want consideration from the big boys.

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#7 RE: Consultancy locations???
14/08/2006 11:34

kev to Stu Brown (#1)

PA Consulting have offices in Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Be aware that joining companies outside of London may limit your options for the practice you wish to join as local work often isn't as diverse (Ok if you want to be government or IT consultant though).

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#8 RE: Consultancy locations???
14/08/2006 11:40

kev to kev (#7)

Just realised you're a grad. PA only recruit in to London but you can move elsewhere after say 18 months.

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