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What a cheek

#1 What a cheek
21/07/2003 00:00


I have just been approached by an IT guy from India over here on a holiday visa - and looking for work. He said he was finding it difficult to find work as everyone wanted to know if he had a visa. I advised him to go back to India and look there as there are something like 25000 unemployed consultants in the UK. He was desparate and claimed he would be cheaper than a 'normal' person he didn't seem to understand people on tourist visa are simply not allowed to work here.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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#2 Re: What a cheek
22/07/2003 00:00



I have encountered the same issue while studying at a UK University. Many of the Indian students assumed that a job opportunity in the UK was included as part of the postgraduate course fee. With only student visas they seemed determined to circumvent the system.

As a footnote I must add the majority of the individuals mentioned didn’t graduate and I assume are working in call centres back in India.


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#3 Re: What a cheek
04/08/2003 00:00

4 Cheeks -turn the other...

I met a few of the Indians at my Uni, some are already working for various Big 4 global players. Maybe you guys like your bacon, eggs and chips...chips on you shoulder grow up !!!

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#4 Illegal immigration.
11/08/2003 00:00


No chip on my shoulder just concerned about illegal migrants circumventing the system.


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#5 Re: immigration.
17/08/2003 00:00

4 cheeks - turn the other

Tim, thank you for your concern. However, on a global level, ( for some time now) many UK residents are working without VISAs in the US. There happens to be a lot of illegal and legal migrants that will affect the UK market and saturate the demand pool for skills.

Equally, some Europeans are illegally buying up property in exotic places including Asia/ EMEA - where they have no residency or state citizen rights- for retirement, investment and second home.

In short, what I am describing is human nature. You would move elsewhere if you believed strongly that the best opportunity (rightly or wrongly) lay there. UK has made itself an easy target and phoney-Tony Blair knows it and chooses not to do Jack about it!!! His plan is to be competitive in the "Labour" market in every sense of the word. Our neighbour "France" is very cosmopolitan - however their controls are better.

If you want to flip the coin, the invasion of the Spanish in the UK since EU enlargement is more significant in scale that Asylum seekers and Indian students.

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#6 Re: immigration.
20/08/2003 00:00


I am sorry but your argument is neither convincing nor logical. The unofficial migration of people from one country to another is ILLEGAL. Just because some people break the law it doesn’t mean its OK for others to do it. To be honest your attitude is common amongst many people at the moment. If nobody has any respect for the law or those people around them then we will have serious problems ahead.


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#7 Re: immigration.
20/08/2003 00:00

Turn the other my friend

I think you got the wrong end of "somebody's" stick. I neither agreed nor disagreed to what is actually going on. I'm just enlightening you with the facts as it seems no one else has been bothered with you.

I don't need to be convincing or logical's up to you to open your eyes, get off your high pony and smell the decaff.

I will be interested in your solution to your anxiety...

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#8 Re: immigration.
28/08/2003 00:00


I think you got the wrong end of the stick by assuming my original comments were racist.

Your excuses are beginning to get tedious.


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#9 Re: immigration.
31/08/2003 00:00

Sara Mitchell

Good on ya 'turn the other' ! TIM is Such a TWAT

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#10 Re: immigration.
06/09/2003 00:00



I can tell you are really intelligent by your comment. I prefer to take an educated view on the world.


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#11 Re: immigration.
28/09/2003 00:00


Hey Tim. I feel you are aggrieved by the situation of Indian/foreign students comin to the UK and "taking" all the jobs. However, how different is this from the British waltzing into India back in the 1700's, under a pretence of trade, and over the next 200 years causing wide -spread looting of the country's riches, sovereignity, tradition and values. And I might add, all this was done by playing Indian heads of state against each other and fraudulently imposing self-created treaties like The Treaty of Annexation - overall very sneaky and underhanded tactics. Plus, the extensive use of arms made it easier. Mate, at least the Indians are using their brains and talent to get the jobs. Get over your issues, and start to get competitive. This is the beginning of a new era, an era where individual talent and capabilities count for more than geographical origin or mere "Visas". Cheers, Matey.

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