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Consultancy in Ireland

#1 Consultancy in Ireland
05/10/2005 16:55


Hi, I currently work for one of the largest suppliers in the FMCG Sector in Ireland. For the last 25 years I have steadily worked myself back up the supply chain - from direct Vansales to Depot Management to Customer Service to Purchasing to my current role of Data-flow Integrity Management. I am also currently working towards a MSc in Supply Chain Management. I will be completing a Thesis in RFID implementation and I hope to become an RFID "expert". I have been contemplating getting into Supply Chain consultancy in Ireland. Has anybody got advise they can give me on where I should start based on the details above (or am I wasting my time)? Thanks in advance for your help.

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#2 Deja Vu?
05/10/2005 16:58

Did'nt you post this same query on here ages ago ?

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#3 Re: Deja Vu?
05/10/2005 20:49


Yes, but no one answered the first time and I thought that I had phrased my question incorrectly, so I thought I would try again.

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#4 Re: Consultancy in Ireland
06/10/2005 12:20


Don't think you are wasting your time - sounds like you have a decent supply chain skillset, but I don't know anything about the consultancy marketplace in Ireland - have you checked out the websites of the big consulting players to look at their Irish ops?

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#5 Re: Deja Vu?
07/10/2005 10:32


BearingPoint's (formerly KPMG Consulting) ( head of supply chain has just resigned so they may have an opening. RFID is a big area for them globally right now.

I wouldnt bother with Deloittes for timebeing - they exited supply chain a year ago and have immense problems with public sector at the mo.

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#6 Re: Deja Vu?
07/10/2005 16:34


BearingPoint have a relatively small Business Consulting division in Dublin as they do a lot of Systems work but I know they are recruiting at present. Just have a look at and you will see. Given your RFID knowledge - both from a business and systems side and the fact they do work in the retail sector - they may well be interested. I would contact them and ask to speak to the Head of Business Consulting.

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#7 Re: Deja Vu?
10/10/2005 11:42

Tommy Tiernan

As an Irishman living in London, I’d strongly advise you not to limit yourself to looking for jobs in RFID in Ireland. If you want to make a go of your career in such a specialist area, you really need to move to join someone with a track record in the area in London such as PA (or more specifically, Aegate) or you could go for the big IS players like Accenture or IBM, but these IS companies are very harsh taskmasters. With a couple of years under your belt here, you could go back to join one of the big firms in Dublin or perhaps set up on your own…… but I’ve been telling myself I’ll go back on day for years now … ;-0

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#8 RE: Deja Vu?
05/09/2006 14:56

Hmmmm to Tommy Tiernan (#7)

HI - IBm in Dublin are trying to build up a cpabaility in this area in their consultancy practce. They are recruiting.

Having said that it is a bad place to work , you may or may not end up with the experience you want or be chucked at anything when it does not work out.

I think the advise of the previous poster to go to the UK and work in a specialist ears is better.

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